InteliFor is headquartered in Mumbai, India and specializes in radio frequency identification (RFID) and AIDC solutions. We are global provider of unique data collection solutions that are focused on optimizing operations, reducing expenses, and improving business processes using radio frequency identification (RFID) and AIDC technologies.
InteliFor has created a niche in RFID Solutions vertical and quickly gained industry recognition and high profile customers over the last few years.  InteliFor is also renowned for its leading Professional services pertaining to RFID/AIDC technology.
InteliFor offers a full range of products in the 125 kHz, 13.56 MHz, 865-867 MHz and 2.45GHz frequency ranges to give you the maximum choice for all applications. You and your clients can profit directly from our competence in and knowledge of everything concerned with RFID.
In addition to RFID hardware and solutions InteliFor also offers GPS, GPRS, BARCODE and Motion sensor equipment to further enhance the benefits of all the technologies combined together.