AIDC stands for Automatic Identification and Data Capture. It refers to technologies such as bar-coding, RFID, smartcards and bio metrics which are used to increase efficiency. These are used in all sectors of industry commerce and service. In particular, they track, trace, secure and manage almost any tangible object, person, vehicle and place as part of effective business applications. InteliFor combines these technologies and designs applications to suit our customer with a higher performance to price ratio.


InteliTracker is our premium tracking device that combines various AIDC technologies to give a cost effective tracking solution. It is a GPS/GPRS tracker with option of having motion sensor attached to it. We offer different battery types and options for charging the battery.

InteliTracker works with GPS and GLONASS

High accuracy tracker module
Motion sensor to conserve power
Energy harvesting to keep it permanently ON
Battery power for backup
Cloud based backend for the tracker
Small in size with super-magnet backing to hold on to assets
All India coverage with Vodafone specialist SIM cards