InteliMap (RFID Middleware / Intelligent Sensor Networks software)

RFID Software is the most critical piece of an RFID application. It determines what kind of hardware is required to complete your system. Whether you are tracking assets, preventing theft or conducting inventory, we have the software to meet your organizational needs.

Managing an RFID infrastructure is now made easier with InteliMap, our RFID Middleware / Intelligent Sensor Networks software. Regardless of the application or industry, InteliMap allows organizations to easily monitor and manage globally-distributed RFID device infrastructure, all from the desk of the IT Administrator.

Through a set of advanced management and administrative functions, InteliMap filters and delivers meaningful RFID data to drive actionable business decisions and improve operational efficiencies while simultaneously driving down IT administration and management costs.

InteliMap was developed to deal with RFID reader and tag data management. As with most business applications software, packages are typically customized to meet customers' requirements rather than being ready to go "off the shelf."
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