A successful RFID/AIDC implementation requires careful evaluation and selection of appropriate RFID frequencies, tags, readers, antennas, and software. The sheer number of RFID/AIDC technologies, solutions, and standards from various vendors can make this a difficult task. Whether your company is just beginning to evaluate RFID, ready to begin a pilot, or preparing to integrate RFID with your enterprise applications, we can help you through the process of evaluating, integrating, and implementing an RFID/AIDC solution that meets your needs. 

InteliFor provides services for RFID/AIDC solution optimization and customer satisfaction. With InteliFor’ s structured service product called InteliTrack and vast RFID/AIDC experience, you can save time, reduce initial implementation costs and lower total cost of ownership.
InteliTrack is a complete service package and offers the following

    • RFID Hardware Selection and Installation
    • Software Integration
    • Software customization 
    • Site Surveys
    • Planning and Project Management
    • Pilot Project Implementation
    • Operator Training and Start-up Assistance 
    • Technical and Phone Support
    • On-Site Service and Maintenance